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Re: Letter issued by Derby City Council – Invitation to Dismissal Review Meeting

The letters are an invitation to a meeting to explain dismissal and re-engagement arrangements and to give contractual notice of implementation to the new contracts in April and also to try and get people to sign up to the changes to terms and conditions.  You are not forced to attend if you do not wish to; it is up to you as an individual to decide.

Individuals who do not sign will receive individual dismissal letters prior to the implementation date and this will inform you about dismissal and re-engagement.

UNISON’s advice is not to sign if you want to protect your legal rights and if you do not agree with the changes to your  terms and conditions.  If individuals decide not to attend or do not sign, it will have no impact at all; there will be no changes to your length of service, annual leave, any probationary periods, your pensions, redundancy, your rights of appeal or your right to put in for VR.  As of the 31st march all those employees who have not signed will be dismissed and re-engaged on the new contracts with the changes to terms and conditions.

The employer is trying to get as many employees as possible to agree to the changes to terms and conditions and UNISON believe that the information being sent out is misleading and causing panic and distress.

UNISON will be issuing all our members with letters of duress to be handed in at the point of re-engagement.

Please ensure we have your most up to date details to ensure you receive the letter and please come back to us if you need further information.

Please share this information with other UNISON members.

We will be updating our website with a FAQ so look out for it.

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