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Update on Single Status in schools

UNISON has been made aware that head teachers at some schools have informed support staff that the employer’s proposals on the changes to terms and conditions have been agreed by the Unions and these changes will be implemented on 01 September 2014. In addition, support staff are being told that they must sign up to the variation in contract.

If you believe that you have been misinformed in this way, please contact the branch office.

For clarity, negotiations have not yet resumed with the collective trade unions and we are not scheduled to meet until after 01 April 2014.  Nothing has been agreed by UNISON in respect to the proposed changes to terms and conditions.  As you are aware no collective agreement was reached with the employer with regard to the variation to terms and conditions and thus has been imposed on those employees who work outside of schools who did not voluntarily sign up to the variation in contract.

In addition, no employee has to agree to voluntarily sign up to the varied new contract and UNISON’s advice has been consistent.  Do not voluntarily sign to agree to the changes to your terms and conditions if you want to protect your legal rights.

UNISON will be organising the working group as soon as negotiations resume and we will keep all members informed of the progress.

Please share this information with your colleagues.

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