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NJC Pay Campaign update

Thank you to all of our members that have attended our pay meetings and the coffee and cake drop in session at the UNISON Branch Office.

In all of our meetings the message from you, our members, has been clear. The one per cent that has been offered as a pay increase is not good enough! You are worth better!!!

Inflation is running at two and a half per cent so the offer is a one and half per cent pay cut. This means for most, pay will be worth twenty per cent less than in 2010 – enough is enough.

UNISON Derby City Branch will aim to put on more members’ meetings and will be around in the Council House and as many other workplaces as we can over the next few weeks to talk to you. If you would like to request a visit then please let us know.

The pay ballot opens on 23 May and we urge you to vote and VOTE YES for strike action. The employer’s offer will not increase without real pressure on them. It’s never easy to take strike action and we never ask you unless it’s absolutely necessary. YOU are worth much more than this pay offer and so are those who rely on you. A strong yes vote will show the employers that we are prepared to defend our pay and send a message to the government that they can’t keep cutting local government and school services, pay and jobs unchallenged.

Our claim is affordable. The Employers will say they can’t afford to offer you a better pay rise because services would suffer and jobs disappear. But the cuts are long term – they’ve only just started. Taking another pay cut won’t save anyone’s job.

Public sector workers, especially in Local Government have taken the brunt of the Coalition Government’s austerity over the past 4 years and now that the Government is saying that economic prospects are improving UNISON is demanding that our hard working members are not left out.

In the meantime please fill out our short survey at:

If you have any questions then please contact the UNISON Office.

Please share this with your colleagues.

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