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Derby City Council UNISON Bulletin – 7 November 2015

Demonstration 4 November

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Thank you to all those who took part in the demo outside the Council House this week. The turn out was fantastic and demonstrated the strength of feeling. Thank you to those who supported staff working in schools with this activity.

We handed in the completed Petition signed by over 5000 people seeking a new approach to implementing this process in schools. This was accepted on behalf of the Council and a response issued in line with the relevant process. Special thank you to Karen Askew who worked with UNISON’s local steward Jayne Daniels at St Andrews to coordinate this. Thank you to Matt Chell for his skills on the megaphone.

Appeals Process Change

If you have received an update letter on your appeal submission from the Pay and Reward team. UNISON would like to point out that the decision to alter the appeals process was taken by your employer D.C.C and therefore not a direct result of a negotiated stance with the Trade Unions.

Derby City Council has determined they will review the appeal procedure in response to the negotiated position that UNISON is not able to legitimately reach a collective agreement. We maintain that we cannot sign an agreement on behalf of our members, which will mean a direct loss in income by way of changes to Terms and Conditions and a pay system which we consider warrants further investigation.

UNISON understand there was originally a commitment from the Labour Leadership at Derby City that if no collective agreement could be reached then no changes would be made. This is not the case. Derby City Council has now elected to change the appeals process and we understand that they are informing staff who contact the pay and reward team hotline and in workplace meetings that those who appeal could have a less favourable outcome. Members who have contacted us to inform us of this information feel threatened by this proposed change.

To be clear, this is not a proposal which has been sent to UNISON for comment or to negotiate on. We understand that the employer can make changes such as this to a proposal but we consider it is unfair to make these changes after staff have submitted an appeal. The worry is for those who have submitted a full appeal now face uncertainty and worry about a less favourable outcome. UNISON has, and will continue to raise with your employer this concern. This is a fundamental change.

Don’t forget UNISON is committed to supporting members with appeals, irrespective of the process determined by your employer, so get in touch for direct support.

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