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Derby City Council has informed UNISON that it is trying to seek individual agreement on the proposed changes to Terms & Conditions. UNISON is urging members to not sign or agree to these changes. You have nothing to gain by signing and accepting.

Why You Shouldn’t Sign:

  • This is a fishing exercise, you are being treated generically and not as individual employees.
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    This is designed to undermine the consultative process with the Trade Unions.

  • You’re only being given 2/3 of the information on the changes which affect you and being asked to make a decision.
  • The Appeal Process has not been agreed, and we consider it is completely unfair if you have already lodged an intent to appeal.
  • There is 10 years of Equal Pay litigation, DCC is proposing a scheme that is discriminatory and open to Equal Pay Claims. UNISON is legally investigating this with our Solicitors.
  • If you are due to have an increase in pay under Single Status, this is being delayed by your employer. UNISON maintain that whilst some staff have gained in pay, the majority are losing in hours and total income. This is not the best outcome you could have and with the reduction in Spinal Column Points, your overall ability to earn is significantly less. You will not get increase in pay any sooner by signing now.
  • By accepting these changes you will remove your right to any legal recourse.

UNISON locally is fighting these unfair and discriminatory proposals, you can do your bit by not agreeing and not signing up to them. If you are unsure, contact us for support.


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