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Have you signed the individual agreement and wish to change your mind?

UNISON has sought advice from our solicitors who consider that if you believe that you signed the Individual agreement which changes your terms and conditions in error then you are able to contact the Pay and Reward Team and request that they return this signed document to you. The deadline for accepting this proposed changes is Tuesday 31 May 2016 and therefore it is our legal teams considered view that up until this date you can rescinded your signed form. The implication of rescinding this acceptance form is that you will then be dismissed and re-engaged by your employer. It is better that this is imposed on you by Derby City Council than you choosing to accept these changes to your Terms and Conditions.

If you are one of the members who have signed and accepted and asked us how you can get back this signed form, we would suggest that you write/email the Pay and Reward team stating:

I would like to rescind my signed Individual Acceptance Form.  I signed this in error and didn’t realise the implications and severity that signing this would entail.  I signed this form during the consultation process and therefore hadn’t had the full opportunity to understand the implications until I was able to seek advice.  I felt coerced into signing as pressure was put onto staff to sign and accept, and therefore ask that this is returned to me.  I appreciate that this will mean that my employer will need to take steps to impose the changes to my terms and conditions.


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