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UNISON School’s Team Important Support Update – Jan 2016

UNISON School’s Team will be supporting our members in nearly 30 Dismissal and Reengagement meetings at schools this week. Please do not be anxious, you are not actually being “dismissed” at this meeting. It’s just the second part of the consultation and if it’s outside of your normal working hours YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND.

If collectively UNISON members decide to not attend, could you please let us know?

Being Backed into a Corner?

There are a number of schools who are still insisting on members signing DCC’s terms and conditions to enable them have access to additional hours. We believe this is immoral, not fair and is backing us into a corner and forcing us to waive our legal position. Talk about kicking you when you are down.
We shall continue to work with these schools this week to encourage them to adopt a more sympathetic approach.

What we have at present is individuals negotiating with schools for temporary or even supply hours or getting nothing at all… how can this be equal?! This is a crucial stage… time for a fair deal for all!! How can we stand by and let our friends and colleagues be treated like this.

Regret Signing? Take it Back!

UNISON has sought advice from our solicitors who consider that if you believe that you signed the Individual Agreement which changes your Terms and Conditions in error then you are able to contact the Pay and Reward Team and request that they return this signed document to you. The deadline for accepting the proposed changes is Tuesday 31 May 2016 and therefore it is our legal team’s considered view that up until this date you can rescind your signed form. The implication of rescinding this acceptance form is that you will then be dismissed and re-engaged by your employer. It is better that this is imposed on you by Derby City Council than you choosing to accept these changes to your Terms and Conditions.

If you are one of our members who has signed and accepted and wish to take this back, we would suggest that you write/email the Pay and Reward team requesting this. We have suggested wording for this email on our website:

Worried how all this will affect your pension?

As a member of UNISON you are entitled to a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation from Lighthouse Financial Advice, UNISON Plus’s endorsed provider of financial advice. One of their qualified advisers will ask you about your circumstances and objectives to establish whether you could benefit from advice.

For more information visit or call 08000 85 85 90

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