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Schools Support Staff – Why we are Striking

Why Are we StrikingMany parents, teachers and head teachers tell us school support staff are an integral part of a child’s learning and high value is placed on the work we do.  However, we do not believe this is the opinion of Derby City Council.

Changes to our contracts have been imposed, forcing significant reduction in wages, as a result of this, as of 1st June 2016 many of us:-

  • Have experienced a substantial financial loss on average of £300- £400 per month!

Whilst we are dedicated to the children of Derby, this is too big a  detriment for our families to survive on.

It means that we have to look at how we can reduce this loss of money, so are having to look at:-

  • Alternative employment.
  • 2nd jobs to pay the bills.
  • Sell our homes because we literally can’t afford the mortgage repayments.
  • Making cut backs, such as cancelling our pension contribution, so we won’t be properly looked after in our old age, struggling to afford our children’s school clothes, not being able to go on holiday and selling the family car etc.

The decision to take strike action has not been an easy one.  So please show your support, talk to your head teacher or your local councillor. Help your children and help your local school!

These changes are decisions made my Derby City Council, the same authority who have taken decisions to remove access to swimming pools, reduce library & community services.

What we are asking for…

This is not about Equal Pay. Our dispute is about changes to terms and conditions which have resulted in a loss in hours paid for in schools. This loss of hours is a loss of income for us. This loss of hours will impact on the Educational Provisional for your child.

We are seeking for the Council to listen to us and change what they have imposed. This will mean re-looking at Budgets for Schools so that money is not taken away from your local school to ensure that the ability to deliver support to learning continues and your child’s education is not disrupted.

How Can You Help?

Your local Derby City Councillor is involved in the decision making to remove hours from schools. Contact your local Councillor and urge them to reconsider the impact this loss in hours from schools and the concern you have on your child’s access to education.

Talk to your child’s Head Teacher and ask them to convince the council to reconsider what they are doing to reduce hours for your child in school, following changes to Support Staff T&C’s.


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