Schools Support Staff – Public Statement

Derby City Council have to complete an Equal Pay review as required of all staff to ensure Equal Pay legislation is being adhered to. They elected to undertake a review of Staff Terms and Conditions at the same time.

The biggest impact these changes to Terms and Conditions have had is on Schools Support staff. Whereby they currently work during school hours and are paid to work in school hours. They have received an average pay for working extra hours every week to prepare for lessons, to attend parents evenings, trips etc.

Derby City Council decided to change School Support Staff to be only be paid for term time, though in most cases hours worked over the year for additional duties like parents eve, residential and staff meetings and work done at home covered the hours.

This has resulted in a 25% pay cut

UNISON weren’t able to agree collectively this given the large impact it would have on our members. Subsequently, Derby City Council imposed the changes to staff by Dismissing and Re-engaging them onto new terms.

UNISON members have made every effort to resolve this matter. We have met councillors, written to MPs, attempted to negotiate and held demonstrations. We have completed and submitted petitions with sufficient signatures to seek a Council debate. We have organised and supported each other all with the backing of our union. UNISON lodged a collective dispute which has yet to be heard. This was lodged in February 2016. ¬†UNISON members planned to leaflet to inform the public and hoped that the elected councillors agreed to meet us to discuss the issues if we agreed to not leaflet. This meeting still hasn’t happened.

There are over 100 members of staff who still don’t know what they will earn next Friday on pay day because ¬†Job Evaluation Outcome appeals haven’t been settled .

The decision to strike is a last resort being taken by UNISON members. They feel they have exhausted every alternative available.

ACAS have offered to become involved to try and conciliate a resolution. Derby City Council have not stated a willingness to engage in this. UNISON have welcomed involvement from ACAS.

Who is being unreasonable ?

The last people UNISON members want to upset is pupils and families as it is our role to genuinely care about children and education.

Yes, our members know it will be inconvenient. They aren’t willing to accept an overnight 25% cut in pay .

Please support us and encourage DCC to come back and think again , we do not want the earth.

We are hoping that Derby City Council will realise the impact this will have and will realise how strongly felt this is. We are seeking that they meet with UNISON to try and resolve this matter.

We are aware of nearly half of Derby City schools closing on our first day of action, with a number indicating full or partial closure on the following weeks of action.

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