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Important Update – School Support Staff Meeting – 30th June at 3.15pm

A meeting is being called for tomorrow Thursday 30th June at 3.15pm for all school stewards and workplace contacts. This is for an update regarding the current industrial action and also to feed back any progress, if any, from the meetings that UNISON are having with the employer.

The meeting will be held at the office, Royal Oak House, and you will be able to park at Middleton House on St Marys Gate, you just need to phone through via the intercom.

Any questions you may have please give these to your representative prior to them leaving work for this meeting.

An update will be published on the Facebook page and the website on Friday.

This meeting has to be limited to the stewards and workplace contacts only due to the short notice and the lack of available space. If you don’t have a steward or a workplace contact please nominate someone to attend and represent your school

Derby City Schools Team

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