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School Support Staff – We need your input

We Need your inputWe are currently in a position where talks are taking place between UNISON and Derby City Council to try and resolve our current dispute, there are currently no further proposals from Derby City Council being put on the table. However, UNISON is committed to acting in the best interest of it’s members, this includes listening to what you have to say at every opportunity.

At an emergency meeting held in April it was agreed by UNISON members that 3 solutions should be put forward by us if further talks between UNISON and the employer took place. Those were;

  1. Permanent 37 hour contracts during term time
  2. 36 months pay protection
  3. A lump sum compensation & phasing-in package.

In order for us to gauge what really matters to you, please follow the link below to Survey Monkey and rank the above solutions in order of importance to you, this allows us to be better informed about what it actually is that UNISON members are seeking.

We are acutely aware that reinstatement of the Special Classroom Allowance in non-mainstream schools is a big requirement for UNISON members.

If you work with a dedicated child with additional needs and prior to the 1 June 2016 you were in receipt of the Special Classroom Allowance (in a main stream school) then you should be in receipt of this payment.

Your continued action over the last few weeks is having a real impact. Now is the time to try and get stronger in your workplace and try and make the impact greater.

It is essential that we have a comprehensive understanding of what UNISON members are seeking. There are no proposals from the employer side and if at any time that there are any proposals or resolution this would only be agreed after UNISON have fully consulted with all members.



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