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School Support Staff Industrial Action – Statement of support received from Jeremy Corbyn

Due to be featured on a ITV East Midlands News at 6pm this evening is an interview with Jeremy Corbyn, in this interview he says the following…

“Underneath it all is an issue quite clearly of local government funding but the issue is of the treatment of teaching assistants who do a very valuable job in all of our schools. I urge Unison and Derby City Council to get together very urgently. Respect and thank the teaching assistants for the work that they do and come to an agreement so that they can continue doing that job. Teaching is very important but any teacher will tell you that in any class having a good teaching assistant is a great help because it means that any child that is going through difficulties or stress the teaching assistant can talk to them, take them to one side or work with them, particularly groups in classes. I see teaching assistants as absolutely crucial and I urge Derby City council to come to an agreement with them as quickly as possible. ”

“I’m on the side of the teaching assistants and the pupils and the parents lets get together and sort it out quickly.”


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