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School Support Staff Industrial Action – Important Update Tuesday 28 February 2017


UNISON has given notice to Derby City Council of the intention for School Support Staff to take a further ten days of industrial action commencing on Monday 6 March 2017.

This weeks action will include:

Wednesday 1 March, our School Support Staffs action will take place in Derby City Centre and at the Council House.

Thursday 2 March the UNISON senior negotiators are to meet Derby City Councillors with ACAS  to mediate.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and the communities of Derby for their continued support. The people of Derby recognise that school support staff did not want to take on this fight, but it is a fight for a sustainable and effective education system in our City, and for the future of all our children and young people.
While involved in the dispute, school support staff will be completing further professional development, including behaviour management and aspergers and autism training, as well as continuing to put pressure on the Council to take part in serious and meaningful negotiations.

UNISON Schools Team

2 replies on “School Support Staff Industrial Action – Important Update Tuesday 28 February 2017”

While I fully support the ta’s decision to strike, I am also frustrated with derby city council. I was asked to keep my special needs child off school to enable the rest of the class to open. I understand that he wouldn’t cope without the support of his ta but at the same time He is missing out on his education. I feel frustrated and useless at letting this happen. Is there anything I can do?

I think it is about time that the people of Derby show a vote of no confident in the council.
Mr Corbin should have this so called Mr Bantwit the push from the Labour Party as he is a disgrace to the party he gives them a bad name.

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