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Local Government Conference 2017 Blog – Day 1 – Derby Support Staff Dispute: The Whole Story

Derby School Support staff Becky Everett and Julia Redfern have delivered speeches to the UNISON Local Government Conference explaining how the dispute has affected them and what they faced over the 73 days of industrial action. Becky and Julia were joined by Megan from Durham Teaching assistants explaining the dispute in Durham, after these speeches they all received a standing ovation.








This short film has just been showed at the UNISON Local Government Conference fringe meeting. This film covers the journey that the School Support Staffs dispute took and how the Industrial action changed lives of our members. take time to watch this its really worth it.

Craig and Kate  have just been talking about their experiences at a well attended Fringe meeting specifically for term time working.

They went on to answer any questions this who attended the fringe meeting. Videos of these discussions and speeches will be uploaded shortly to hear in detail their stories.

This concludes todays conference keep following us for more information on whats happening, we hope you find this informative.


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