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Local Government Conference 2017 Blog – Day 1 – Morning sessions continues

currently discussing the composites for Workplace mental health in local government, Schools and MATs – developing our strategy and Local Government and  the cuts.

to read into more detail click on the document here…




Conference mentions of the work of Ken Loach and the impact his work to highlight the issues faced by our members and the wider population of the country. More of his work can be found here

here is the trailer for his “I Daniel Blake” film

the above Composites were agreed and carried.

Now discussions are taking place on the motions, the crisis in social care and Organising in homeware this is not just a crisis covering budget cuts but the welfare of the employees, members and the patients and those that receive care. we heard personal and emotional accounts from those that provide and receive care and hope important that this is to them and how cuts and a reduction in the care they receive  affects their quality of life detrimentally.

Unison’s campaign video was mentioned to show how powerful this highlights the struggle of care workers and the conditions they work in.

watch it here…


These motions were passed (34, 22)

The Standing Orders Committee have considered moving the Housing motion and this will now be discussed this afternoons session in light of the current Social housing crisis and the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Thats it for the morning, coming up in the afternoon session today is a presentation by our School Support Staff and a short film showing the journey they have been through.


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