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National Delegate Conference 2017 Blog – Day 3 – Morning Session Continues

The next motion to be discussed is the working globally for LGBT rights this had emotional accounts of global struggles of LGBT rights, this motion was carried and more about this can be read here…






Now we receive a video message from Huber Ballesteros who after 40 months in jail, Huber Ballesteros has finally been released from prison. On 13th January the court lifted the preventive detention order against the prominent trade union and peasant farmer leader, allowing for his release from La Picota Prison in Bogotá. read more about his story here

Here is his message of thanks for support….

Now we receive a special message from Sonia Howard, Branch Secretary from Kensington and Chelsea Local Government Branch, she speaks of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy and how hard her members have worked tirelessly to support the victims and pays tribute to all those that have donated and sent messages of support and solidarity to the branch. this leads in to the discussion of the next motion “Why we need to build a new housing consensus for affordable and decent homes for all”. There are many accounts showing how important social housing is for those suffering domestic violence, those on low income, those in debt due to high university costs, higher rent prices, and damage that the  right to buy scheme has had on social housing. To read more about this motion and its amendments please see the above conference guide. This motion was carried with all amendments.

The next motion to be discussed is “Media Portrayal of Older People” this motion raised much debate around this issue with both for and against debates. This debate will continue this afternoon as first business.

This concludes this mornings blog, please look out for this afternoons blog.


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