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School Support Staff Important Update – 7 October 2017

Here is this week’s update for our School Support Staff members:

Consultative Ballot

We have completed our member meetings in special and enhanced resource schools.

You will be aware that we had invited each school to enter into discussions directly with UNISON to seek a resolution to the dispute. Regrettably, these schools have chosen to not respond to this invitation. It is for this reason that UNISON will now enter into consultative ballots for further industrial action in these schools only.

Initially the consultative ballot will only apply to this group of schools, but we anticipate balloting members in other schools as we continue with meetings.

Stewards Meeting with Cllr Shanker

This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday next week (11th), please submit any further questions or comments via your steward or email the office on

Cross Party Motion to Full Council

We are seeking meetings with opposition councillors as well as supportive Labour councillors to gain support for a full council motion to uphold the implementation of the Agreement. We know that some of the Labour councillors are in support of UNISON members and we believe that Labour councillors should uphold the values of the Labour Party. Our local MP Chris Williamson has set an example and stated publicly 

“so let me start by once more saying that I support the teaching assistants and the fantastic job they do. It is completely wrong that some are faced with pay cuts of up to 25%”

Hay Kornferry

We have agreed to another meeting with Hay to further challenge the outcome of the SEN TA grades.

Derby City UNISON Schools team 

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