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Unison Local Government Conference 2018

Welcome to our updatefrom the Local Government Conference

Margaret McKee UNISON President welcomed everyone to the Local Government conference and covered announcements for conference this year.



This conference covered the Standing orders committee report, and the discussions around the Local Government Service Group Executive Annual Report .

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Motions that were discussed on Sunday were as follows and their outcome is recorded below. These motions can be read within the above conference guide.

  • Raising the Profile of Local Government Workers – Carried
  • Youth services essential in Northern Ireland  – Carried
  • Privatisation and Bringing services back – Carried
  • Housing – Carried
  • Trading through austerity – Carried
  • Working for decent pensions – Carried
  • National Young Members Forum – Carried
  • Mental Health and workloads in the council workforce – Carried
  • Say “No” to National Assessment and Accreditation system of social workers  – Carried
  • Youth and Community workers – Carried
  • Food Standards Agency – Pay, terms and conditions  – Carried

On Monday the following Motions were Discussed

  • Local Government and Brexit  – Carried
  • National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Committee  – Carried
  • Disabled Workers at the sharp end of the Housing Crisis – Carried
  • Social Care cuts – Carried
  • Support library and cultural services – Carried
  • Local Government and Devolution – Carried
  • Henry VIII cruelest cut  – Carried
  • Trade union facilities  – Carried
  • Local Government  apprentices – Carried
  • National Womens Comittee – Carried
  • Organising occupational groups – Carried
  • Women and sickness absence –  Carried
  • Keeping Pay Equal  – Carried
  • Black Workers and in-work poverty – Carried
  • Trans equality is everyones concern  – Carried
  • Maternity RIghts – Carried
  • Working Together in local government – Carried
  • LGBT workers and social care – Carried
  • Zero Hours and Black Workers  – Carried
  • Dealing with the Menopause – Carried
  • Proper Funding for further education – skills pay and free education  – Carried
  • Organising in schools and Multi-Academy Trusts  – Carried
  • Local government SGE  – Carried
  • Further education area reviews- protecting disabled workers jobs – Carried
  • college governors – transparency and accountability
  • protecting education support workers terms and conditions Post-Brexit – Carried
  • Funding for Early Years – Carried

Look out for our next post which will include reports from this years delegates.

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