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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2019 – Morning Session Day 1

George Mackay – President of UNISON welcomed all to the the Unison National Delegates Conference, he welcomed international delegates and also led a tribute and a minutes silence to all those who have passed away in the last year.







This mornings session began with a report on the Standing Order Committee reports one and two. Following this the Annual report was presented by Josie Bird – Vice President, to conference and then the financial statements were presented. (to read more about these please click on the information below.








George Mackay than delivered a powerful presidents speech to conference and then debate on the first motions began, this was Composite H – Justice for Windrush Generation. For more information about the issue please watch the following video.

This debate included emotional speeches from those who are part of the wind rush generation, and the motion was carried.

then motions were discussed from “the Snake” which is the list of motions for discussion that are not prioritised but discussed from the list of remaining business. These motions were discussed in this mornings proceedings (to read more about these please click on the below documents.

  • Composite A – Menopause and the Workplace – Carried

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