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Unison LGBT+ Conference 2021 – Day 2 morning session

The opening of conference began with a welcome from

There was then a minutes silence to remember on those that have been lost over the past year.

This years bucket collection is going to Mermaids

The Standing orders committee report two was this contained amendments and emergency motions to be added to the order of business.

First day of conference began with a speech from Francia Blanco a trans domestic worker from Nicaragua working in Guatemala.

You can read more about her cause and listen to the podcast which explains the work Francia and the union she is part of where LGBTQ+ Domestic Workers win rights with their union. Click on the image to go to the website.

you can also watch the following video for more information.

Now we move on to the presentation of this years Annual Report to read the report in full please click on the below image.

Motions for the Negotiating LGBT+ Equality section of the annual report is now being discussed. you can read the motions by clicking on the below image.

These motions were… all were carried.

  • Supporting ~Stonewall and our Trans Community
  • Working from home is s reasonable adjustment
  • sickness policy motion
  • Mental Health and suicide awareness to support LGBT+ members following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Introducing pronouns into the work place
  • Mental Health: A Trade Union Issue
  • Make Call Centres more trans friendly

during this debate the following how to be an ally fact sheet was discussed and the can be read below by clicking on the images

Christina McAnea adresses conference

Christina McAnea General Secretary addressed conference and some of her key points from her speech were as follows.

68 countries are still facing serious issues surrounding LGBT+

you should be able to live your life and be who you are

Transgender awareness day is important to remember, you can read more about it by clicking the below image.

Remind our self to unite fight common injustices and be aware that we all have the same fight towards the external forces. One of the quotes that inspires Christina “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution,” said Emma Goldman (1869-1940), this brought her speech to an end.

Now we move onto the International Work section of the Annual Report and the subsequent motions… all were carried.

  • Justice for Palestine
  • Trans Rights in Europe
  • Palestine
  • Solidarity with LGBT+ Afgans – Providing a place if safety
  • Defending International LGBT+ Rights

This concludes this mornings session of conference please look out for the next update this afternoon.

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