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Local Government Special Conference 2021

Today we attended a conference in a very different way, this was the first fully virtual conference run by UNISON attended by the branch. this was all done online with voting taking place virtually. and your Delegates all attended and actively participated in this event.

First we had a welcome from Josie Bird, introducing us to the conference and the order of business and the rules around it. we then held a one minute silence to honour and remember those that we have lost over the past two years.

Then we moved to the debating of the motions the detail of these can be found in the following documents. click on the documents to read more detail.

The debating of the motion now took place, here’s a summary of all the decisions that were made and some informative Tweets from your Branch Secretary Becky Everett.

Motion 25 – The Future of Local Government with amendments – carried

Motion 29 – Developing and Expanding social partnership and fair work in Wales and across the UK is – carried.

Motion 28 – Covid Legacy – carried

Motion 36 – Education Support Staff and the need for Comprehensive State Education were both carried

Motion 24 – Traveller Communities and Motion – Carried

Motion 26 -Local Government and Climate Breakdown as amended were both – Carried

Motion 35 Facility Time in Schools – carried

Composite B – Local Government Funding and Fighting Cuts – carried

Composite C – Social Care – carried

Below is an interesting Webinar with information and support for care workers for you to watch.

Motion 22 – the Future of Youth Services – carried

Motion 33 – Adult Educational Needs Investment – carried

a Celebrating Local Government champions video was shown, watch here…

We are now being shown ‘Would You Rather’ Impossible choices could soon define our local communities. But we can #SaveOurServices. Write to your MP to #DemandThe10Billion

This concludes this mornings session.

Christina McAnea now addresses conference speaking about the commitments and work being carried out by UNISON to support Local Government across the United Kingdom

Now the discussions on motions begins for the final conference session.

Motion 10 – Work Related Stress in Local Government – carried Work related stress is such a prominent issue for all local government workers.

Motion 4 – The future of the National Joint Council for England, Wales and Northern Ireland – carried, looking at the structure and review the process.

Motion 15 – Standing Up to Violence, Harassment and Abuse of Local Government Staff – carried

Motion 1 – Unity Against Public Sector Pay Freeze – carried

Motion 12 – Health & Safety and safety reps in local government after Covid – an opportunity to recruit and organise women workers – carried

Composite A – pay strategy for organising and industrial action in local government – carried

Motion 2 – Food Standards Agency – Pay, Terms & Conditions – carried

Motion 11 – Covid-19 hasn’t killed sexual harassment at work – it’s just moved online – carried

Motion 18 – The impact of Covid-19 on Black workers in local government – due to no one being able to move this motion it has fallen

Motion 20 – Homeworking as a reasonable adjustment in post-COVID local government workplaces is now being discussed and how this has created better working practices for disabled members and others – carried

Motion 21 LGBT+ inclusive policies in Local Government is now being – carried

Motion 13 Reduction in the Working Week – Campaigning Across the Sectors – carried. Some members feel they are ‘Not Working from Home but Sleeping in the Workplace’ this needs to stop!

Motion 9 For Fair Public Sector Funding And Against a Public Sector Pay Freeze – carried (motion 6 falls)

Motion 16 – LGBT+ workers health and well being – carried

Motion 19 – Accessing reasonable adjustments during Covid-19 -carried

Motion 17 The Challenges and Opportunities for an Ageing Workforce in Local Government – carried

Motion 34 – Reduce agency working in Further Education Colleges – carried

Josie bird closed the conference and we would like to thank all involved for putting it together in very special circumstances see you at the look out for our updates on UNISON Special Delegate Conference next week

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Annual General Meeting – 5&6 March 2021

This years AGM will be carried out on Zoom and we will send out joining details to you all prior to the below dates. 

If you are unsure about using zoom please click here for a simple guide

We have created 3 sessions to give you more chance to join in as we appriciate your working hours and avaliability may differ. 

Friday 5 March 2021

Session 1 – 12noon – 1.30pm

Session 2 – 6pm – 7.30pm – with a family quiz to follow, so pour yourself a glass and get a pen at the ready 

Saturday 6 March 2021

Session 3 – 11am – 1pm 

To view the Minutes and Agenda for this meeting please click the links below

Branch Officer reports contained in – Our Year In Review
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Branch Secretary Update – for School Support Staff 3 January 2021

Dear School Support Staff

Happy new year to you all, the news of the last few days must have caused great anxiety for you. Will schools follow the scientific advice and close for an additional 2 weeks and work on rolling out the Covid testing or will the Government continue to insist schools are safe? You as staff or the families of pupils who attend your schools should not be waiting in limbo like this.
Unless any announcements are made later today it is looking likely Schools in Derby will open. UNISONS advice from our National School Team supported by the National Schools Committee in which I sit, is that schools are currently not safe for pupils or staff. 

I am very aware you don’t want schools to close you are simply requesting that they are safe, and safe for all pupils and staff. 

Last week I attended the Independent SAGE meeting, it was made very clear that schools should not reopen yet. The link for the meeting I attended can be watched below…

Yesterday evening, after seeking legal clarification UNISON sent all school support staff with an active email address an email containing a letter, for you to send to your head and or employer. Ideally send this letter individually but if you would rather send it as a team / group please do so. Ensure every name you add has agreed to be added and ensure you do make yourself available to work from home. I would advise sending this as soon as possible so you’re employer can make arrangements. We have already been notified of potential school closures due to staff exercising the right to be safe. This is your right under Health and Safety Law.

I am happy to be copied into this email.
Should you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me on the above email address. I will be keeping an eye on my emails today and I will respond but it won’t be immediately. I am officially back at work on Monday 4th January. 

I will be contacting all our School Stewards today via email to ensure they are fully updated, should you decide that now is the time your school has a steward and or a Health and Safety Rep please contact me and we can get you on board with supporting members in your school and helping keep your workplace safe. 

Your employer and Head teacher / Principle has a duty to keep you safe at work, asking you to cross bubbles is one example of you not being safe and putting you at a greater risk. We understand how it’s near on impossible to adhere to social distancing this is another risk.The new strain of Covid is spreading at a vast speed. 
If you work in a school for a separate cleaning or catering contractor please ensure you notify your employer if you are taking this action advised by your union. 

Your school needs a steward and a Health and Safety Rep right now. Never before have we needed a steward in every workplace. 
It’s not too late to join unison, please inform your colleagues who may not be in a union that we are working to keep you safe in the workplace. New members can join at

Keep in touch. 

Kind regards 

Becky Everett 

Branch Secretary