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Day 1 continued – Local Government Conference

Organising Local GovernmentCurrently conference is voting on the motions which make amendments to the Organising Local Government report and th actions within it.




VotingCurrent motions being introduced by speakers, voted on and being carried. These are around the following issues, National Women’s Conference, National Young Members Forum, National LGBT Committee, Organising and Representing Chief Officers and Senior Managers in Local Authorities, Facility Time, Reinstating the National Housing Forum, Resourcing for Devolution, and Term Time Contracts & School Workers.




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Day 1 – Local Government Conference 2016

East Midlands Delegation meeting – 18 June 2016

Nicole Berrisford and Andy BelfieldNicole Berrisford and Andy belfield gave an update for the east midlands region and welcomed all delegates and new delegates to the local government conference.

The Standing orders comittee, sole responsibility is the conference planning, putting together the motions and making sure they fit in with UNISON’S core values.

Nicole covered the agenda of the conference, location of the east midlands delegates, any changes that have been made since the agenda has been distributed and explained that when the conference starts there will be a 1 minute silence for Jo Cox following the sad news of her murder.

Jeanette Lloyd healthy debates from the sdu meeting, and informed the group of the suggested decisions for the motions of the Local Government Conference.
Andy informed that this year there aren’t a lot of speakers and would like any to come forward as soon as possible to have their opinions. Any questions that were raised will be answered after the meeting

Nicole wished everyone a good conference and hope to see you passing through .

Initial meeting closed.

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Women’s Conference Brighton – Day 2

Good morningGood Morning, we were all up and in the pool and sauna for 7am this morning, to get refreshed before breakfast at 8.30 then off to conference for start at 9.30 ?. It’s a bit murkey this morning and sea not as attractive as yesterday   – so definitely no paddling !!!!Murky day

So now we have arrived at Conference and First motion this morning is motion 12 ‘It needs to be stopped ‘ speakers relating to disabled people experiencing domestic violence and the cuts and removal of services. Sign posting to the UNISON domestic violence handbook. Very emotional speakers on this issue from women members. National women’s committee policy is to support – motion carried.

Motion 13 as amended by 13.1 submitted by the National Women’s Committee ‘The true cost of childcare for working women’ working mothers finding themselves out of pocket every month before cost of after school clubs. Although controversial tax credit bill was defeated still doesn’t benefit working mums. Motions both carried.