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Around 300 of our UNISON School Support Staff in Derby have been striking over pay cuts of up to 25%. Do you support the striking workers?

Thank you for all your support for our Schools Support Staff. You can do one small thing today to show your support for this dispute by voting below in the Telegraphs online poll.

Please share this with colleagues, friends and neighbours and your nail technician to prove to them that #TogetherWeAreStronger.

Please vote below…

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7 replies on “Around 300 of our UNISON School Support Staff in Derby have been striking over pay cuts of up to 25%. Do you support the striking workers?”

I fully support the strikes. TA’s are expected to go above and beyond with no recognition of the hours spent planning, sorting resources and teach and are still expected to do more so it is only fair they are paid for the effort and dedication they put in. School’s would crumble without the support of TA’s as the Teachers are already pushed to the limit which is not benefitting the children at all.

I support them totally, they do a fantastic job and deserve every penny. They don’t deserve the treatment they have received from Derby City Council who have wasted millions of pounds on this project so far!!! Good luck to them all, keep fighting.

Fully support the TA’s they deserve to be recognised for the fantastic work they do above and beyond their contract. How it can be called a equal pay review is beyond me. Derby City Council are a joke, Banwait seems to have disappeared into his worm hole, perhaps he is admitting defeat, let’s hope so, it must be awful to be hated so much, how does he sleep at night!

I am in total support of the teaching assistants. As an infant school teacher my job would have been impossible without them. Each day they brought their skills, knowledge and love into the classroom. For many a newly qualified teacher they are examples of how to ‘be’ with children. It would be good to see more teaching staff and senior management teams giving them the solidarity and support they deserve. The leader of the council and those behind him should be deeply ashamed at their treatment of these hardworking and dedicated people.

I want to support the TA assistants, how the government can cut their pay is atrocious, I wonder if the powers that be would willingly accept a pay-cut, or would they do the same as the TA assistants are doing? They are perfectly within their rights to strike for JUSTICE. Why dont the government give it a try and see what happens,

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