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UNISON Local Government Conference 2019 – Afternoon Session Day 2

The afternoon session began with a speech from International Speaker Jucelia Vargas Vieira de Jesus, President SISERP, Santa Catarina State, Brazil.









Jucelia gave an emotional speech about the issues in Brazil that affect all people specifically Women, Black people and LGBTIQ people across the country. she also made mention and solidarity about the Anti-Government Protests that happened on Friday 14 June 2019. see video below for more information.

You can find out more about the SISERP on their facebook page here…

The conference then continued with normal business and started to look at the next motions, these were…

  • Composite C – Funding Cuts and Saving Local Government Services – Carried
  • Social Care cuts – Carried
  • Income Generation – Carried
  • A State of Crisis in Local Government – Carried
  • Double Jeopardy – The Impact of local government cuts on women – Carried
  • Councils at Breaking Point – highlighting the damage – Carried

Mike Short Senior National Officer delivered the final section in the annual report – recruitment and organisation

The following motions were then discussed…

  • Facility Time – Carried
  • Black Members Mentoring Scheme in Local Government – Carried
  • Schools Funding and School Support Staff – Carried
  • Education Funding Formula – Carried
  • Cuts to Pastoral Support in schools – Carried
  • Excluding future HE, FE and Sixth form staff from LGPS – Carried
  • Recruiting and Organising Fire and Rescue Staff – Carried

This closes the Local Government Conference 2019, please look out for our National Delegate Conference Coverage from tomorrow.

for more information on the annual report, Motions and Composites please click the below documents…

UNISON Local Government Conference 2019 – Morning Session Day 2

Day two of UNISON Local Government conference in Liverpool, healthy debate was had on all of the motions and a considerable amount of business was achieved this morning.









The debates were on the following motions…

  • Zero Hour contracts – Carried
  • Negotiating Disability Leave policies with local government employers – Carried
  • Increasing access for young workers to training and professional development – Carried
  • A Breakthrough in tackling stress and Bullying/Harrasment – Carried
  • Exemptions from hot-desking – a reasonable adjustments for disabled workers – Carried
  • Women, Wellness and Work – Carried
  • Undermining of Terms and Conditions – Carried
  • LGBT and the + Factor – Carried – Carried
  • Opposing the Cap on Exit Payments – Carried
  • Composite D – House Building and the Housing Development Workforce – Carried
  • Local Service Champions – Carried
  • Continuing to promote the Ethical Care Charter – Carried

The following business was not discussed but will discussed when all other agenda items have been discussed at the end of this conference.

  • Schools Funding and School Support Staff
  • Education Funding Formula
  • Cuts to Pastoral Support in schools
  • Excluding future HE, FE and Sixth form staff from LGPS

To read all about the above motions please click on the below documents…


UNISON Local Government Conference 2019 – Afternoon Session Day 1

the afternoon session began with a speech by Neville Southall, MBE who is a former Welsh former international footballer, and a Unison Activist for Wales. read more about his speech here!

Following this the next part of the Annual report was discussed and then discussions of the following motions were looked at.

  • Local Government Apprenticeships – Carried
  • Composite A – Campaigning on pay – Carried
  • Safeguarding LGPS investments – Carried
  • Regional Pay Bargaining – Carried
  • Food Standards Agency – Pay, terms, & condition – Carried
  • Composite B – Local Government Pension Scheme – Carried
  • Divest from Carbon Campaign – Carried
  • Bring Back the Education Maintenance Allowance – Carried
  • Further education colleges should be the only provider of apprenticeships – Carried

Below are the documents if you would like to read more.