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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2019 – Afternoon Final Session Day 4











This afternoons session began with the debate on motion, tackling Rascism at work – this was carried.

  • Conference then began debating the following reprioritised motions – Carried
  • EM1 Excluding Future Higher Education, Further Education an Sixth Form Staff from the Local Government Pension Scheme – Carried
  • Sexual Harrasment in the Workplace – Carried
  • Make 2021 the year of Disabled Workers – Carried
  • Television Licences for over 75’s – Carried

Any motions not carried within conference session have now been passed to National Executive Ctt to debate (NEC) the motions can be read below.








Now a vote of thanks Is made to Gordon Mackay current President of UNISON.

This leads to the end of conference we hope you have found our updates useful.



UNISON National Delegate Conference 2019 – Morning Session Day 4

The final day began with a discussion on the rule amendment Rule G – Branch Officers – after much debate this resulted in a card vote results to be announced later.

Now guest speaker Sonia Bassey MBE, Chair of Mandela 8, to find out more about this organisation here are a few videos which explain this…


Following this the following motions were discussed…

  • Nelson Mandela: Inspiring Future Generations – Carried
  • Composite D – The Crisis in Social Care – Carried
  • Stopping Social Insecurity – Carried
  • Rule G – Branch Officers – was carried following the card vote
  • Fighting for an Accessible Welfare System – Carried
  • Disability History Month – Carried
  • Recruitment and Retention of Members – Carried
  • Progressive Taxes to end Austerity – Carried
  • Tackiling Rascism at work – to continue to be debated in the final session of conference

to read more about these motions please click on the below documents.

UNISON National Delegate Conference 2019 – Afternoon Session Day 3

This afternoons session began with the final part of the debating on motion Austerity and Public, this motion was carried.

now discussions continue on the following motions

Towards a more inclusive Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Self Organised Group. – Carried – Now LGBT will be know as LGBT+ to become a more inclusive Self Organised Group.





Now Conference business moves on to discussing rule amendments these are as follows,

  • Rule B – Union Democracy – Carried
  • Rule D – Self-Organising Groups – Carried
  • Rule D – Young Members Organisation – Carried
  • Rule C – Obligations of Membership – Carried
  • Rule G – Branches – Lost
  • Rule G – The Branch Committee Lost
  • Rule G – Branch Meetings – Lost
  • Rule G – Branch Officers – Lost
  • Rule G – Stewards – Lost
  • Rule G – Health and Safety Representatives – Lost
  • Rule G – Equality Representative – Lost
  • Schedule B Benefits of Members of Education – Carried
  • Rule G – Branch Meetings – Carried
  • Rule G – The Branch Secretary – Carried
  • Rule G – Branch Officers – Carried
  • Rule G – The Branch Secretary – Debate to continue on Friday Morning

More details of these rule amendments can be found in the following document…