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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2023 – Morning Session – Day 3

We are welcomed back to conference and first we hold a minutes silence for Alan Jinkinson the First General Secretary of UNISON following a tribute by Christina McAnea. You can read all about Alan here…

We the receive Standing Orders Committee report 4, this report was agreed by conference.  

We heheh receive a video address from the Turkish Trade Union Leader – Gonul Erden 

We now hear a speech from Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary, Public Services International (PSI) 

You can watch Rosa’s speech here…

Rosa receives a standing ovation for her speech.
Christina McAnea and Andrea Egan say thank you to Rosa Pavanelli

We now move to the motion discussions and the Tod is Motion 69 Defending and Improving Women’s Rights Internationally – this motion was carried 

During this motion we heard emotional accounts of women across the world.

Motion 72 – We need to talk about Palestine – This issue generated a healthy debate and was carried as amended 72.1

Motion 44 – Crisis in the NHS and Social Care – this motion was carried

Motion 45 – Integrated Care Systems – this motion is carried as amended

A photo opportunity was held for the Year of the Black worker, this photo will be shared once it is available.

This concludes this mornings session and more updates will come from this afternoons Rule amendments session and return to discussions of motions.

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UNISON Local Government Service Group Conference 2023 – Afternoon Session – Day 1

The afternoon session began with the welcome back

The main item of business to begin with is the Local Service Champions and the vital role they all play.

Refuse workers, trading standards officers, environmental health inspectors, youth workers, librarians, school cleaners, care assistants – and many more – deliver vital local services. They are the glue that hold our communities together. UNISON’s Local Champions campaign celebrates and defends local government workers for the everyday heroes they are.

Local government workers go above and beyond the call of duty to keep the country going, yet their efforts are often overlooked. They support us at every stage of our lives. We depend upon them to provide critical public services, that adapt to our ever-changing needs and to hold our communities together.

After months of searching, UNISON are thrilled to share the Local Service Champions Award winners, you can watch their videos below…

WINNER – Jade Carter-Williams – Jade works as an Environmental Health Officer at Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea council. 

Runner Up – Martine Horner – Martine’s role as an Asylum, Refugee and Migrant Community Integration Senior Practioner involves supporting children and families who are new arrivals into South Tyneside

Runner Up – Jo Foster-Murdoch – Jo is a Community Librarian and she has done a huge amount of work to develop a wide range of activities, events and projects across Norfolk Libraries 

To read more about each of the the champions click below.

We now receive a speech from Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Secretary for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

you can find out more about Lisa here…

We Now Receive the Next section of the Annual Report by Mike Short – Education and Children’s Services (section 4) – you can read this in the link below…

During this there is special mention of the current strike action happening at Ash Field Academy by Leicester City Branch. We send solidarity and support to their fight.

We now return to debate the motions in this section and the first one is Motion 2 – The PREVENT duty on colleges was carried

You can read more about the motions here…

We now move to the discussion of Composite A – Pay in Further Education. this motion was carried

You can read more about the composite motions here…

Motion 13 – Using School Forums as an Organising Tool – This Motion Was Carried

Motion 1 – Bring Back Sector-Wide Bargaining in FE(Further Education) Colleges in England – This Motion was carried

Composite B – Early Years Funding and Private Day Nurseries – this was carried. reference was made to the following closure without warning of Orchard Day Nursery and you can read about this here…

Motion 8 – Schools Funding & Finance Training – this was carried

Motion 12 – Taking the Organising Lead in Further Education – this motion was carried

Motion 4 Organising in Multi Academy Trusts and Ending Fragmentation – This Motion was carried

Due to conference business being completed for this section of the annual report we now return to any non discussed motions from this morning. This begins with Motion 32 – Menopause Awareness and Support in Local Government – This Motion discussion was adjourned until tomorrows session as amended 32.1.

You can find more support on the below link.

Any business not discussed will roll on to Monday mornings session.

This Concludes Day 1 of The Local Government Conference 2023 we hope you found it useful. look out for tomorrows update soon.

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UNISON Local Government Service Group Conference 2023 – Morning Session – Day 1

Conference this morning began with the welcome and announcements from the current president of Unison Andrea Egan

We now move onto the movement of the Standing orders committee report 1 & 2 which contain the up-to date order of business of this years conference. You can read more about this and the motions discussed here…

We now move to the moving of this years SGE Annual report 2023 this is moved by Glen Williams.

Glen drew attention the current strike action happening across the country

You can read this Annual Report below…

Now we move to the Motions for this years conference,

the first motion is for Composite C – Securing a Legacy and making 2023 the year of the Black Worker in Local Government Workplaces. This Composite motion was carried.

You can find more resources in the articles below (click on the images for more details)…

You can read about this and the other Composite motions here…

Motion 21 – Pay Campaigning in Local Government was then discussed, this motion was carried. To read this you can find it in the above conference guide document.

We now move to the discussion of the composite motion D – Pay Campaigning and Beating Industrial Action Thresholds – this motion was passed.

At this point please make sure you use your right to vote if you have received your strike ballot for the NJC Pay Claim 2023 to find out more about the campaign please click below.

The CQC strike actions were raised at this point also…

The next motion to be discussed is Motion 31 – Campaigning for better pay and preparing for industrial action. – this motion was carried as amended 31.1

During this section the use of social media was highlighted particularly focusing on the safety of campaigning and dealing with online threats

Motion 33 – Promoting the Anti Racism Charter in the Public Sector this motion was carried.

You can read below this chapter and click on this for more information.

Motion 19 – Equal Pensions for Surviving Spouses and Civil Partners – this motion was carried

The Goodwin Case was brought up as part of this motion regarding the equal treatment of same-sex partners and those in a civil partnership for pensions. You can read more below a about this case…

This concludes this mornings session and any motions for this session that have not been discussed will be taken at the end of the afternoon session.