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AGM 2024 – Agenda and Documents

Please find below documents for this years AGM on Friday 23 February 2024.

at Derby Conference Centre, London Road, DE24 8UX 
Arrival and Bar open  from 6pm
The AGM will start at 6.30pm and will finish at 7.30pm and be followed by a 2 course Indian Hot Buffet, then a live band and Disco. The Bar will be open till 1am

There is still time to attend and if you would like to do so please fill in the below form. It would be great to see you there.

Kind Regards
Richard Platt

Derby City Branch Chair

AGM Agenda

AGM Minutes

Newsletter Containing Officer Reports

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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2023 – Afternoon Session – Day 3

We return to conference for the afternoon session, firstly there is a minutes silence for those that lost their lives in the tragedy in Nottingham this week.

As mentioned in the previous blog here is the Year of the Black Worker group photo…

We now move to the vote on Rule Amendments, rule amendments must carry a majority of two thirds on the conference floor for this to carry. Firstly we discuss Rule D – Young Members Seat – this proposes to raise the age of a young member from 27 to 30 – this amendment passed with a majority so is carried.

You can read all these amendments in the below document…

You can also read the current existing rules in the below rulebook…

Rule amendment 5 – Rule G – Branch Meetings – adding the opportunity for online meetings for branch business to the rule book for all branches was carried with a majority

Rule amendment 7 -Rule G – Branch Officers – making data protection compulsory – Was Carried with a majority

Rule amendment 8 – Rule G – The Branch Secretary – ensuring that data protection is kept within branch – this was carried with a majority

Rule amendment 1 – Rule C – Honorary Life Members – stating that Only existing members in full membership of the Union may be nominated for honorary life membership – following a debate this was lost by majority

Rule amendment 3 – Rule D – Service Goops – this adds clarity to the groups within the union – this amendment by a majority was lost

This concludes the debate of rule amendments we now move to the debate on motions, and we start proceedings with Motion 84 – Effective Use of Our Unions Resources to Build our Industrial Action Fund and Capacity to Deliver Effective Industrial Action. this motion has generated a lot of members wanting to speak for and against for this motion and will take time to put the vote to conference.

As amended 84.1 his motion following a fallen point of order and a point of order that was successful in putting the question, this then lead to a card vote and the results will be revealed tomorrow morning, to be continued….

This Concludes todays Conference session and we hope you’ve found this useful and look out for the next update.

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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2023 – Afternoon Session – Day 2

We return to the conference with Composite D – Industrial Action Ballots – there was an in-depth and lenghty debate with those speaking for and against this Composite Motion – following a request for the question to be put to move business along this motion was voted on and lost.

You can read the composite motion in the document below…

The rest of the motions can be read in the following document…

Motion 79 – Taking Effective Action within the Straitjacket of Anti-Laws – this motion was carried

Motion 8 – Harassment – Its Not Part of the Job – this motion was carried as amended 8.1

If you need any support regarding Bullying or Harassment then please click on the image below.

Motion 57 – Make 2024 the Year of the LGBT+ – this motion was carried

If you need any information you can find some useful information by clicking below…

As part of Pride Month please see below key points in history for you to read…

This concludes this afternoons session and we will return for more interesting speeches, rule amendment debates and motions.