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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2023 – Afternoon Session – Day 3

We return to conference for the afternoon session, firstly there is a minutes silence for those that lost their lives in the tragedy in Nottingham this week.

As mentioned in the previous blog here is the Year of the Black Worker group photo…

We now move to the vote on Rule Amendments, rule amendments must carry a majority of two thirds on the conference floor for this to carry. Firstly we discuss Rule D – Young Members Seat – this proposes to raise the age of a young member from 27 to 30 – this amendment passed with a majority so is carried.

You can read all these amendments in the below document…

You can also read the current existing rules in the below rulebook…

Rule amendment 5 – Rule G – Branch Meetings – adding the opportunity for online meetings for branch business to the rule book for all branches was carried with a majority

Rule amendment 7 -Rule G – Branch Officers – making data protection compulsory – Was Carried with a majority

Rule amendment 8 – Rule G – The Branch Secretary – ensuring that data protection is kept within branch – this was carried with a majority

Rule amendment 1 – Rule C – Honorary Life Members – stating that Only existing members in full membership of the Union may be nominated for honorary life membership – following a debate this was lost by majority

Rule amendment 3 – Rule D – Service Goops – this adds clarity to the groups within the union – this amendment by a majority was lost

This concludes the debate of rule amendments we now move to the debate on motions, and we start proceedings with Motion 84 – Effective Use of Our Unions Resources to Build our Industrial Action Fund and Capacity to Deliver Effective Industrial Action. this motion has generated a lot of members wanting to speak for and against for this motion and will take time to put the vote to conference.

As amended 84.1 his motion following a fallen point of order and a point of order that was successful in putting the question, this then lead to a card vote and the results will be revealed tomorrow morning, to be continued….

This Concludes todays Conference session and we hope you’ve found this useful and look out for the next update.

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UNISON Local Government Service Group Conference 2023 – Morning Session – Day 1

Conference this morning began with the welcome and announcements from the current president of Unison Andrea Egan

We now move onto the movement of the Standing orders committee report 1 & 2 which contain the up-to date order of business of this years conference. You can read more about this and the motions discussed here…

We now move to the moving of this years SGE Annual report 2023 this is moved by Glen Williams.

Glen drew attention the current strike action happening across the country

You can read this Annual Report below…

Now we move to the Motions for this years conference,

the first motion is for Composite C – Securing a Legacy and making 2023 the year of the Black Worker in Local Government Workplaces. This Composite motion was carried.

You can find more resources in the articles below (click on the images for more details)…

You can read about this and the other Composite motions here…

Motion 21 – Pay Campaigning in Local Government was then discussed, this motion was carried. To read this you can find it in the above conference guide document.

We now move to the discussion of the composite motion D – Pay Campaigning and Beating Industrial Action Thresholds – this motion was passed.

At this point please make sure you use your right to vote if you have received your strike ballot for the NJC Pay Claim 2023 to find out more about the campaign please click below.

The CQC strike actions were raised at this point also…

The next motion to be discussed is Motion 31 – Campaigning for better pay and preparing for industrial action. – this motion was carried as amended 31.1

During this section the use of social media was highlighted particularly focusing on the safety of campaigning and dealing with online threats

Motion 33 – Promoting the Anti Racism Charter in the Public Sector this motion was carried.

You can read below this chapter and click on this for more information.

Motion 19 – Equal Pensions for Surviving Spouses and Civil Partners – this motion was carried

The Goodwin Case was brought up as part of this motion regarding the equal treatment of same-sex partners and those in a civil partnership for pensions. You can read more below a about this case…

This concludes this mornings session and any motions for this session that have not been discussed will be taken at the end of the afternoon session.

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Community Conference 2023 – Day 2

The morning of this years conference began with an address by Andrea Egan who will chair the conference.

Andrea drew attention to the Presidents charity this year here are more details for you…

You Can find more about the project and how to contact them below…

Andrea also drew attention to the main campaigns UNISON are currently involved in…

When pay rises by less than our bills, we’re all getting poorer. But rising prices don’t have to push people into poverty. It’s the governments choice. To end the pay crisis we need pay rises. Together we rise because together we can win. Join our fight.

You can also share your story and find some useful resources about the Pay Campaign here…

Andrea also led a message of support and solidarity to those at Saint Monicas trust who are currently facing a Fire and Re-Hire crisis.

The first item of business is to move the Standing Orders Committee report one. This report was carried.

Malcom Graham made a statement to conference, during this he introduced this years Annual report, you can read more about this below…

This annual report was carried in all sections by delegates.

We now move to the debate of the motions, you can read more about these in the conference guide below

Motion 1 – Young Members in the Community – this motion was carried.

UNISON has around 63,000 young members. If you are a UNISON member and under 27 years of age you are automatically entitled to participate as a young member. click below if you would like to find out more.

We now move onto Motion 2 – Fire and re-hire dismissal and re-engagement in Community – this motion was carried

You can find out more about fire and re-hire here…

Motion 3 Sick Pay in Social Care is now being discussed – this motion was carried as amended as 3.1.

Motion 4 Income £39.30 a week – the reality of Sick Pay in social Care – this motion was carried as amended 4.1

Motion 5 Abolish Workers being charged for their DBS Check is now being discussed and was carried as amended 5.1

Motion 6 Low pay in the Voluntary and Community Sector has fallen as the mover wasn’t available to move the motion.

Motion 7 Championing a real Living Wage for Community is now being moved and was carried, we heard accounts from all speakers on how whey are affected by lower pay and the struggles this brings with it.

Motion 8 Social Care still on it’s knees – this motion was carried

Motion 9 Charity Sector Pay was discussed and carried

Motion 10 Women in Community Jobs and the Cost Of Living Crisis this motion was carried as amended 10.1

Motion 11 Staffing Crisis in Social Care this motion was carried

Motion 12 Staying Alive: Pay and the Survival of LGBT+ services this motion was carried

Motion 13 Supporting regional development in Community this motion was carried

Motion 14 Securing the Legacy of the year of Disabled Workers in Community workplaces this motion was carried

During this motion there was a mention of the disabled member training details of which can be found here..

Following this motion this brought conference to a close after a lunch break for this year, it was a very useful conference and sets the work plan for the net year to ensure all those in the Community Sector are supported and protected in the future.

In the bucket collection £67.30 was raised for the presidents charity today.

We hope you’ve found this update useful, look out for future blogs from UNISON Conferences over the following year.