Jayne’s Welfare Update – Bereavement and Grief advice

Throughout the current Pandemic everyone maybe suffering from some form of bereavement and grief, due to a family member or friend who has recently passed away.

Here is a presentation that may help provide some help and point you in the direction for help and further advice.

please click below to read more or click on the pdf….

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Branch Secretary Update 12 June 2020 – Unlocking the Lockdown

Dear Members,
We hope your all well.

So unlocking the lockdown has begun, please continue to follow all government guidelines on social distancing, the lockdown restrictions may soon start to take effect within your work place. They have already started.

Be honest with your employer COVID-19 Anxiety is very real, childcare issues are real, family members shielding and the different levels of shielding make a difference to you, (this is a very complicated issue) or just needing to know more of what work will look and feel like for you. Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to your managers, this is a new and difficult situation for all.

Your branch officers at UNISON Derby City are here to support you, you must be included in risk assessments, employers have a duty to keep you safe at work and you have a right to be safe at work.

It is important to remember non of us have ever lived or worked in these situations before, we are all learning.

When that return does happen, I believe this is where “stay alert” comes into play, be alert to yourself and colleagues having any symptoms, be alert to hand washing, social distancing and new ways of working and cleaning up after ourselves.

Follow the risk assessment, this will be a live document, if something isn’t working or you think something could be added discuss it in an email to your H&S Rep and Line Manager.
Don’t be afraid to raise concerns or to suggest solutions.

We also know many of you have worked throughout lockdown, pulled extra shifts / double shifts, and even moved out of the family home to protect your own family. You have all gone above and beyond in the key services. Thank you.

UNISON Derby City Branch thanks all of our members, everyone of us has had a part to play and to continue to play.

One thing we do know this pandemic has taught us is we definitely don’t have enough Health and Safety reps within our workplaces. In an ideal world every workplace, every team would have a H&S Rep just like we do a first aider or a fire marshall.

We need you! Your employer needs you! And your work team needs you!
Full training is given, you would have direct branch support from our dedicated H&S Officer (Dennis Jackson) and all the branch team.

If you think this is a role you would be interested please ring us for a chat 01332 643216 or email us at contactus@derbyunison.org

We really are waiting for your call. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if every school, every care home, every sports venue, every library, every department within our core employers and our private sector employers had its very own H&S Rep.

You may know someone who you think would make a great rep, give them a nudge… tell them about this great opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Look after yourselves
Becky Everett
Branch Secretary

Say Hello to your Branch Welfare Officer and a Panic Attacks info Presentation

Dear Member

My Name is Jayne Daniels and I am your Branch Welfare Officer.

I would like to share with you a PowerPoint below which you may find beneficial in these unprecedented times we are currently living through.

I hope that by reading it, it may alay some of your fears you may be experiencing at present.

I hope to continue with monthly updates on issues relating to your welfare and mental health, so please look out for them.

If there are any specific topics you would like me to cover please email me at Contactus@derbyunison.org

Jayne Daniels
Welfare Officer