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UNISON Community Conference 2022 – Glasgow – Day 2 Conference Session

Conference began and the Annual Report was brought to the members and this report was carried. you can read the Annual Report by clicking on the image below…

Now we move onto conference business and the discussion of motions, you can read about these in the conference guide by clicking on the image below….

The first Motion to be discussed is – Motion 1 – Organising to achieve fairer pay in Social care, amendment 1.1 has fallen and Motion 1 is carried as NOT amended.

Now motion 2 is being brought to conference this is – Social Care Recruitment and Retention Crisis. this motion was carried

next up is Motion 3 – Now is the time to put women at the heart of the economic recovery from covid by investing in social care. The motion was carried.

Motion 4 was discussed – Trans Equality in the Community Sector – Louder and Prouder! this motion was carried.

other motions were discussed and carried – Motion 5 COVID Secure workplaces for Disabled Members working in Community, Motion 6 The Future of adult social Care for LGBT+ People, Motion 7 – Reasonable adjustments for Disabled Members in Community, Motion 8 – Insourcing adult social care, Motion 9 – Campaigning on the Housing Crisis, Motion 10 – Organising to end the crisis in Social Care, Motion 11 – Care Workers From Abroad – a New form of slave Labour was carried as amended 11.1. Motion 12 – Fair Pay for all Social Care Workers also carried.

Motion 13 – Time for Change – Fell as the motion was not moved

Motion 14 – The Death of the office – Fell as the motion was not moved

Motion 15 – Stop Bosses from encroaching on your free time and compensate your overtime properly. was carried as amended 15.1

Motion 16 – Fair Sickness Absence for all – supporting better sickness absence for community workers with additional needs. – this was carried as amended 16.1.

Motion 17 – Time to recognise all Community and Voluntary Sector Workers – Was carried.

Motion 18 – Countering Fragmentation – Was Carried

Motion 19 – Charitable sector emerging from Covid – Was Carried

Motion 20 – Supporting and Organising Community Members – Was Carried

Motion 21 – Learning and Organising in Community – Was Carried

Motion 22 – Contractual Sick Pay Campaign – Was Carried

This brought conference to a close early as all business was completed in this session. There will now be no session tomorrow. There was a social get together organised to happen this evening for a chance for attendees to network and socialise with other members from across the country.

This brings to a close the Conference blog, hope you have found it useful, look out for the next one at another conference coming up very soon.

Archive Blogs Campaigns Community Conference Conferences Demonstration Derby City Council Derby College Derby Homes Events News Newsletter UNISON

UNISON Community Conference 2022 – Glasgow – Day 2 Seminar Session

Day 2 started with a workshop about Participation and key points were brought up around this, and heard personal accounts of situations faced by all members across the country. Which mirror the feelings of other members.

Now on tho the Community Seminar Session and first we hear a speech from Jon Richards, UNISON Assistant General Secretary , Bargaining, Negotiating and Equalities. He passed on solidarity to the Racism marches happening across the country and to solidarity to Ukrainians also, Cristina McAnea is unable to attend todays conference however pledges full support.

Jon went on to say how far the union has gone since the Covid19 Pandemic caused so many issues and how much workers have done, frontline staff, housing staff, community workers,

How we can work on and build on lessons learned from the past few years to improve conditions for workers. also how we can reclaim technology and digital technology and to keep a hold on and up-to date with the digital debate.

Jon Highlighted the UNISON College that is in the process of being set up to be Launched at this years National Delegate Conference, you can have your say on the college here..

Jon then thanked everyone for attending and welcomed questions from the floor. he too questions around accessing the There for you Fund this will be taken back to National office to respond. for those that would like to read more advice on accessing “There For You” please click below…

Questions also covered increasing awareness around being in a UNISON, access to the funding that has not been used for conferences due to the pandemic, data cleanses which improves representations of member locations. Vouchers for attending conference at home digitally. this closed Jons session and the next session begins at 2pm.

Archive Blogs Campaigns Community Conference Conferences Demonstration Derby City Council Derby Homes Events News Newsletter UNISON

UNISON Community Conference 2022 – Glasgow – Day 1

The first session started with a Seminar on Housing Associations, Lynn Gillespie chaired the session, first introductions from representatives around the country, we had and discussions around pay rises, negotiated rises, and issues faced that are very similar to all. Also the differences between Arms Length Management Organisations and Housing Associations. there was then a comfort break before the next session began.

The next session was the Community Seminar Session one, everyone was welcomed to the seminar. and the agenda for the afternoon was detailed as follows.

The first speaker was Gavin McCann he discussed social care work and the things that have been happening over the past years including enhanced data on Social Care Membership, Regional Social Care leads, Links to the DHSC, and increased the Media profile and pushed the message that the union is ‘The Union of Social Care’. There has been stronger links to employers made, regular member communication, knowledge of member experience, more political impact. Social care and the pandemic Gavin drew attention the following article explaining how exposed the care sector was left during the pandemic regarding Sick pay, pep testing, fragmentation and vaccination. 922 Care workers lost their lives due to covid and there has been a failure to protect the care sector from Covid-19

Campaigns that are being looked into from this year include, looking at the damage caused, a National Care Service Campaign, more National Partnership Working, and the setting up of a Future Social Care Coalition.

UNISON Structural changes is being looked into and will ensure social care will fit within the structure to ensure its strongly supported. Gavin then took questions from conference attendees.

Following these questions we now receive a presentation from Claire Williams who is discussing the Member Engagement Programme, and reiterates how important members are to UNISON and the improvements that need too be made and how soon these can be made to ensure community members are active in the union. Claire then took Questions from the floor.

Following this there was a presentation by Donna Rowe-Merrieman UNISON National Secretary regarding Home working and Hybrid Working: how covid19 is changing the workplace. this looked at personal accounts, impact on personal circumstances, benefits and disadvantages of working from home. issues of increased domestic violence. The right to disconnect was discussed where in other countries such as France and Germany laws have been brought in to allow workers to disconnect and not answer work calls out of working hours.

Working from home allowance was discussed, that may come to an end very soon. and how important that working from home payments are for members and employees.

There was then a look into the important areas for negotiations coming up these are as follows…

Donna wrapped up her session with a final Slide linking to the Bargaining Guides and a comic strip about home working

you can read the bargaining guides here..

Following this presentation there was a comfort break before the final speech of the day by Kevin Stuart – Minister for Mental Well-being and social care and he discussed about Creating a National Care Service in Scotland. Kevin then took questions from the floor.

This wraps up todays session for the conference ends this blog for today, and order of business continues tomorrow.

You can read the Final Agenda here…

The Annual Report can be read here