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Latest Bulletin – 12 November 2015

Legal Update

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Today we met with UNISON National Officers/Legal Team to seek further advice on the current position on the Job Evaluation proposed by Derby City Council. We are committed to supporting our members at every stage of the process and we will communicate any updates as often as possible. If you have colleagues who don’t receive these updates they will need to update their details to make sure we have right email address and if they aren’t a member, urge them to join to have access to this on-going support.
UNISON believe the employer is proposing a scheme which is discriminatory, but because they are refusing to provide us with full information citing “The Data Protection Act”, it basically means we are forced to use other approaches to gather the data. UNISON will also be looking at whether or not we will have a case against the employer for a flawed re-evaluation process as when it was redone earlier this year, previous data was utilised.

Information Required

UNISON require data to be able to participate in collective bargaining. Your employer has stated they cannot share this with us. We are being forced to support our members locally with alternative methods of seeking this information. UNISON need your help to build up a portfolio of evidence for our legal team to identify potential equal pay claims. What we are asking for is:

  • a copy of your JIQs,
  • a copy of your Job Description,
  • a copy of your employer letter evaluating you to your new grade
  • and if you have submitted an intent to appeal

If the employer still refuses to allow us access to the information we require for collective bargaining purposes, UNISON will further be sending out a data capture sheet to members. We would urge you to share this information with us.

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