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Branch Secretary’s Update for Derby City Council Employees

Update on UNISON’s Position

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate UNISON’s position with regard to the council’s decision to seek individual agreement on the changes to our terms & conditions. Our advice to our members is to not sign.  This is because if there is a legal challenge only UNISON members who have not signed will be part of that challenge and receive a part of a pay-out should one happen.

UNION’s legal team are working hard to build an equal pay case. We are also looking at the prospect of a collective unfair dismissal claim, again this would only involve those UNISON members who have not signed the new terms & conditions.

Myth Busting FAQs

What happens to my continuity of service if I don’t sign?

It will have zero effect on your service.

Will it go on my staff record?

Although not a legal requirement, DCC are saying that it will be noted on your record. It will show as ‘dismissal for any other substantial reason’. This will not have any detriment to you whilst you are still working for DCC and will not be included in a reference should you be applying for other work in the future. DCC say that they need to keep a record of who was dismissed and reengaged for any future fall-out from unfair dismissal appeals. However, we believe this is being used as a scare tactic in get people to sign.

If I have been downgraded, do I need to sign to keep my protection of pay?

No, whether you sign or not your agreed time of pay protection will start on 1 June. It makes no difference at all.

For any advice or help please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call us on 01332 643216 .

Nicole Berrisford – Branch Secretary

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