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Women’s Conference Brighton – Day 2

Good morningGood Morning, we were all up and in the pool and sauna for 7am this morning, to get refreshed before breakfast at 8.30 then off to conference for start at 9.30 ?. It’s a bit murkey this morning and sea not as attractive as yesterday   – so definitely no paddling !!!!Murky day

So now we have arrived at Conference and First motion this morning is motion 12 ‘It needs to be stopped ‘ speakers relating to disabled people experiencing domestic violence and the cuts and removal of services. Sign posting to the UNISON domestic violence handbook. Very emotional speakers on this issue from women members. National women’s committee policy is to support – motion carried.

Motion 13 as amended by 13.1 submitted by the National Women’s Committee ‘The true cost of childcare for working women’ working mothers finding themselves out of pocket every month before cost of after school clubs. Although controversial tax credit bill was defeated still doesn’t benefit working mums. Motions both carried.

Motion 14  and amendment 14.1  moved by the LGBT  Committee aims to add strength to it by including all the self organised groups ‘Young women deserve respect in the workplace’ young female members are perceived as weak within the workplace and bosses and older male workers tend to shield them thinking they are protecting them, this is being compounded by the differing levels of the living wage for workers under 21. Unison needs to be supporting our young members to prevent them experiencing and being subjected to this treatment within the workplace. Yes they need to learn and gain experience but they need to be respected within the workplace. There are several speakers on this motion all sharing their experiences. Vote for motion carried.

Guest speaker Naz Shah Labour MP – her journey into politics and her emotional childhood experiences. She then continued with her life today within politics since becoming an MP, speech included issues women are experiencing around equal pay and the impact of the austerity policy of this government on women, and the fact that women are bearing the brunt of all the cuts. She received a standing ovation ?

Seminars are now beginning!





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