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Angry & Frustrated School Support Staff Take Action on Thursday 16 June 2016

Derby City UNISON has called for all out strike action on Thursday 16 June 2016 for school support staff in Derby. This follows are strong indication from members that strike action is the only viable option less to us. Many school support staff are faced with a loss of £300 to £400 per month as a result of changes to Terms & Conditions imposed by Derby City Council. This instant loss in income means that many of our hard working and dedicated members feel there is no other option but to take this action. It is anticipated that many schools across the city will be closing.

UNISON School’s Convenor Sue Bonser said “Strike action is not something that is taken lightly. This is not about Equal Pay. Our dispute is about changes to terms and conditions which have resulted in severe loses for support staff. The decision by Derby City Council to reduce our hours will have a negative impact on the learning of the children of Derby.”

Derby City UNISON is seeking for the Council to reconsider these changes that they have imposed.

They are reluctant to carry out this activity and are prepared to take further action if necessary; however the situation is avoidable if DCC are willing to reopen negotiations.

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