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Derby College News – Feb 2021

Hello, and welcome to this special edition for our members at Derby College.  We need your help to identify two new reps.  UNISON will provide paid training, and you would get PAID time off from Derby College).  Change is coming, so lets be prepared.

Zero pay rise just isn’t acceptable to UNISON

We OPPOSE the imposition of a 0% pay award this year.  Other colleges in the East Midlands have budgeted for pay increases of between 1% and 3%, so we feel Derby College is making a choice not to increase pay for you.   We want your help to publicly campaign for a better deal for you.  Get involved.

Redundancy changes proposed to PILON

Your employer wants to amend the Redundancy Policy, and we need members views.  Due to tax changes in 2018, all payments relating to ‘Payment in Lieu of Notice’ (PILON) became deemed taxable wages – regardless of the terms of your individual contracts of employment.  The employer now says that it wants in future to make the decision for you on whether you are dismissed due to redundancy with immediate affect and take away your rights to ‘work your notice’.  If dismissed without notice, you would not build up pension rights or holiday pay for any period you would have preferred to ‘work your notice’.  Derby College also wants to bar you from applying for new jobs whilst working your notice, but UNISON is concerned this might deny you a chance to stay in work and not face redundancy.  This all sounds like a ‘hire and fire’ regime, not a modern supportive employer.  Help us secure changes to these plans. 

Access the latest UNISON advice on Covid safe working and rights

Remember, to get up to date professional advice from UNISON about all things Covid – see our national web-site at .  We have dedicated advice for Further Education members, so bookmark the site in your phone and refer to it when you need to.  UNISON has two full seats on the joint negotiating committee at Derby College.  Join our team and make the difference.  

For informal chat, contact Brian Crosby, UNISON Area Organiser, 07903 024243

To read the full update please click on the image below.

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