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Our Spring Update – April 2022

Please click below to read our spring update newsletter…

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School Support Staff Update July 2018 – Schools out …almost

Dear Schools members

There are a number of matters we want to update you with at this time .

Equal Pay Claims

Please check below to see if any action is needed from you as follows..

  • If you have heard from Thompsons solicitors and responded to any requests for further information you do not need to do anything at this stage, they will get in touch with you as the case proceeds.
  • If you haven’t yet completed an equal pay claim form and you think you may have a case. Please contact the office on 01332 643216 or via email to request a form. You must return the form to the office and it will be sent to the solicitors for assessment.
  • If you have completed a claim form but have not heard from Thompsons solicitors, please email the office with your name and school and we will check to ensure that your case has been logged and is in the system.

Please note that if your school has converted to academy status, there is a time limit for submitting a claim. Equally if you have left the employment of DCC through redundancy or any other reason you will have a limited time to submit a claim.


Your UNISON reps at the branch and local stewards having been working hard to protect jobs and support you in schools undergoing restructure. As a result of UNISON members responding collectively to redundancy proposals we have avoided compulsory redundancy in all but one restructure this year.

We know that where UNISON’s members respond collectively and creatively to school proposals we can often improve the outcomes for our members. This is further improved where we have active stewards.


Thank you from the branch to all of the 25 stewards we have working in derby schools . Stewards are volunteers in the workplace who receive training and support from the branch to represent UNISON  members . Our stewards do a great deal of valuable work that avoids employment matters escalating and with support they represent individuals when they are in formal proceedings. . If you would be interested in the role, contact the branch for a no obligation chat about what it involves and the support offered. Our aim is to have a steward in every workplace. We are underrepresented in some employment groups and would welcome new stewards from all backgrounds and roles.

Finally Thank you to each and every UNISON members working in Derby Schools. Thank you for the support you give to children , from keeping sites clean and safe, supporting children in the classroom and at lunchtime, Thank you to those of you who provide school meals and also to those who work in the school offices. UNISON knows that each and every one of you goes far beyond your role each day to serve your school communities. As the biggest recognised trade union by far for school support staff we want to thank you and wish you all the best for the summer holidays.

Have a great break everyone , see you in September

From everyone at Derby City UNISON Branch

PS why not take the summer break as an opportunity to check that your subs are being collected and that your membership details are up to date. You can do this online via My UNISON at



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Update for Derby City School members

Welcome to the new term we hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant Easter Break and settled back into the school term.

UNISON would like to update you on a number of matters relating to school support staff as follows

Mainstream schools who received temporary additional hours as a result of the EPR.
Following discussions with DCC and with the support of the acting Chief executive, schools  have been  contacted asking them to make all hours permanent wherever possible. We are delighted at the response and can confirm that the vast majority of schools employing school support staff are now on permanent contracts, which include the additional hours that were put forward as ‘mitigation’ against the losses experienced . Where this has not been possible, all schools have confirmed the continuation of the temporary hours and both UNISON and DCC are committed to following up these schools during the summer term to ask them once again to review their position.

Several schools have reported that additional hours have been reduced by mutual agreement as staffs are now experiencing lower losses as they enjoy the benefit of increments and pay increases.

Special needs schools.

Members in special needs schools have been consulted on an individual school basis and have agreed (with the exception of one school who will be consulted next week)  that the offers put forward in their individual school have resulted in increases in pay and /or opportunities to apply for higher level positions and that these measures are sufficient to avoid further action.

Pay award update

UNISON accepted the NJC pay offer and our colleagues in Derby City Council payroll have confirmed that the pay award and the annual progression increments will be reflected in your April pay. (Please note that if your payroll is handled by an external provider this may not be the case but it should be backdated when it is applied)

Annual leave accrued during periods of sickness and maternity absence.

Derby City Council has issued guidance to all schools on this subject. If you have had periods of sickness absence which spans the school holidays you be due reinstatement of leave at another time. Speak to your rep or contact the branch if you think this may affect you

Workplace meetings

If you would like a schools representative to visit your school to update you on UNISON training opportunities, equal pay claims, the 2018 pay award or any matter relating to your employment please contact the branch office and we would be pleased to arrange a suitable appointment .