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Why I am striking – a personal story of a Teaching Assistant

Here’s a personal story from one of our members highlighting why they are having to take strike action next week, and shows the issues our School Support members are facing.

“So I accept a new job offer. I shall work 32.5 hrs a week and earn around about £20,000 per annum. Here’s the conditions…You will get 13 weeks holiday the way we pay you for this is to pay you in 12 equal monthly payments. If you stay with us like you have for nearly 20 years we shall then place you on a new contract whereby you will accept a pay decrease of £5,700. If you don’t accept we will sack you, oh and then re-employ you a minute later on the new contract anyway.

Now your headteacher is an ok person and she will offer you extra temporary hours to soften the blow. So you will now work 22 hrs extra a month for £200 less approx. And despite your qualifications and expertise in Special Education and Autism we shall also take away your SEN allowance.

Oh and those holidays…. you will only be paid for 5 or 6 weeks. Even though you are forced to take 13 weeks. And those 13 weeks shall be when we dictate and when holiday prices are at their highest.  SHALL I STRIKE? What do you think!!!! (Oh forgot to mention as well you will suffer some injuries whilst working but oh dear that’s part of the fun)…..”


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2 replies on “Why I am striking – a personal story of a Teaching Assistant”

This needs to be sent to the telegraph as the general public don’t really understand teaching assistants.

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