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School Support Staff Industrial Action Update – Further Action Announced – Tuesday 24 January 2017

Update on the Petition

Thank you for all your hard work talking to people and signing them up to our petition in the various places across the city over the last week or so. We’re asking people to sign this petition both because we want to be visible in the community, telling people our stories and talking to them about what the Council is doing, and secondly because we want to collect as much contact information as we can. Every email address you collect is one more person we can contact, talk to and develop as an active supporter of the campaign. So please keep up the good work! Thank you to those members who have volunteered to input this data on strike days.


The rally tomorrow is the biggest and most visual part of our campaign this week, we need as many people as possible to attend. Please come to the UNISON office at Royal Oak to collect flags, banners, leaflets no earlier than 4pm. Gather at The Spot ‘rings’ at 4:30pm and then we will walk through the town handing out leaflets and talking to the public and gather outside the Council House to take part in the planned activity. At 5:45 people will be able to start making their way into the viewing gallery for the start of the full council meeting at 6pm.

Next Week’s Action

We have notified the council today of next week’s industrial action which is two full days on Tuesday 31 January & Thursday 2 February 2017. We are still committed to paying 100% hardship payments. Further details of activities on these days will be communicated later this week.


UNISON Derby City Schools Team

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