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School Support Staff Industrial Action – Important Statement – Thursday 2 March 2017

UNISON are deeply disappointed by the actions of Derby City Council Leader Ranjit Banwait following actions designed to undermine talks aimed at resolving the long running school support staff dispute. At the request of UNISON, Derby City Council had today agreed to talks mediated by the dispute resolution service ACAS, only for Cllr Banwait to leave early to attend another meeting.

UNISON Regional Head of Local Government Andy Belfield, said

“We’re not only sad and disappointed by Cllr Banwait’s decision to leave early to take part in prearranged media interviews condemning the negotiations. Frankly we find the behaviour of the Derby City Council Leader to be verging on the bizarre. To claim a prior, pressing commitment elsewhere, only to quickly appear in the media undermining the very negotiations he was too busy to take part in, is disingenuous at best, and hugely damaging to the prospects of finding a resolution to this dispute.

School support staff have now taken over 60 days of industrial action, resulting in significant disruption across the City of Derby. Cllr Banwait’s failure to prioritise talks, actively dismiss the goodwill of UNISON members in entering into talks with ACAS, and actively undermine those talks, is hugely disappointing. I have no doubt that the people and communities of Derby will be just as saddened as we are by his behaviour.”

Despite his behaviour UNISON is still in these talks. I think that parents in Derby would prefer him to join us. Their children deserve better.

The school staff dispute is now into its ninth month, after more than 2700 staff had their terms and conditions changed by Derby City Council in June 2016. Those staff have lost up to 25% of their pay, with many losing more than £5000 p/a.

UNISON understands the Cllr Banwait arranged his media appearance with ITV yesterday evening, in advance of the ACAS mediated meeting.

Adrian Morgan
Regional Organiser UNISON

5 replies on “School Support Staff Industrial Action – Important Statement – Thursday 2 March 2017”

Honestly….this is unbelievable…I don’t think Mr Banwait even wants to come to a resolution! Dreadful behavior

As a parent I feel you gave no choice but to continue with these disruptions for the sake of the future of our schools – the two schools hit the hardest are ivy house ( which received and ofsted of outstanding ) and St. Andrews – the two schools in derby that educate the most profoundly disabled children to bring them on to the best they can possibly be like all children and they deserve their education . By taking away 25% pay off our staff the council have left many of them no choice but to seek other employment – my concern as a parent is what the long term impact this will have on my child and all the other disabled children in derby – I see that new staff will use our school as a stepping stone they won’t stay they will seek better paid positions with the skills they will learn – there will be no continuity and our children will end up being cared for like we parents do but not educated which will have a huge impact in their health and well being – we all at Ivy House should of been celebrating what our wonderful head teacher has achieved in her four years an ofsted of OUTSTANDiNG is no mean feat by anyone’s standards – but here we are saying goodbye to our head Susan and many of our wonderful staff – the low morale of teachers parents and children is painful to see and this is all down the Derby City Council they should be ashamed of what they have done to their most vunerable community

I think midday supervisors pay needs drastic improvement, no one works harder non stop without a break or moment to catch their breath with the responsibility of children of all ages and abilities and challenging needs. No one highlights their plight

This man is solely responsible for the thousands of teaching hours your children are loosing across Derby he has shown how little he cares for the plight of the TAs and Chilren and parents through his actions …….it really is time for him to go it’s time for a true Labour council one that is there for it’s people HOW DARE HE DO THIS TO US WHILE GIVING HIMSELF AND COLEAGUES A 14% PAY RISE REALLY….BAINWAIT OUT OUT OUT

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