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School Support Staff Important Statement – Friday 17 March 2017

Strike action by our School Support Staff is to be suspended following a new offer from the city council.

We now recommend that all 1,200 members across the city’s schools accept the offer.

That offer will now be put to staff, and if they vote to accept the deal, the ten-month long dispute will come to an end.

Our School Support Staff will now return to work on Monday (20 March). They will be asked for their views in a ballot, which opens on Wednesday and ends on Wednesday 5 April 2017.

Commenting on the news, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Throughout this dispute, UNISON has made every effort to get an offer that would enable Derby school support staff to end their strike and go back to into school.”

“Staff from our head office and the regional team have been working hard to reach a settlement, and have been involved in lengthy negotiations with councillors to try to find a way through.

“From the very beginning, striking school employees have received an incredible amount of support from parents, pupils, teachers, head teachers and the public. That has been very much appreciated.

“It’s not been easy for anyone, but the huge pay cuts introduced last summer sadly left school support staff with no other choice. Now it’s time for them to have their say, meaning things could soon get back to normal.”

Nicole Berrisford Branch Secretary added that “I am really proud of our School Support Staff for standing up for and fighting for what is fair and just. This just shows how true the statement “Together We Are Stronger” is”.


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