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Local Government Conference 2017 Blog – Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Carol Sewell Vice President welcomed all back to the UNISON Local Government Conference and introduced the International speaker for this year as Dulce Maria Inglasias Suares, General Secretary of SNTAP the National Union of Public Administration Workers.

The discussions continued from this morning on the motion “Bullying of Black Workers in the Workplace” this motion was carried.

Saving the LGPS and good pension schemes for our members is the next motion on the agenda for discussion. The motion was carried. Tier 3 ill-health pension to be paid for life motion was also carried. Pension funds costs and charges motion is now being discussed, and this was carried

Now we recieve an annual report update around Anti Privatisation and service delivery

The next motion to be discussed is “Defending our Libraries” which looks to provide campaign materials that branches can use against closures of library services, provide guidance for library staff on the issues facing them, setting up social media support networks for library staff, am organise a national demonstration on 5 November 2017. This motion was carried.

the next Motion is around “Privatisation” and the effects this will have to our members and the local government services which can have a detrimental effect on how services are provided, how private organisations can provide these services but will do it by gaining profits that wont be used to improve services but the standards will drop.

“The impact of the policing and Crime Act on the fire and rescue support staff” motion was discussed  and carried. This motion aims to encourage recruitment from the fire and rescue service, working with thew police and justice service and fire and rescue service to develop a joint approach to the policing and crime act at a national level, support branches to campaign, develop bargaining advice for branches on the policing and crime act, and raise concerns with the Labour Party.

Now motions from Day 1 that were not brought to conference are being discussed. These can be found in the following document..,

Firstly the motion for “funding for health and social care integration is being discussed” this motion was carried. Now for “Social Care is now beyond a crisis” this motion was carried, “Crisis sun Social care – call for a special conference”  this motion was carried, “Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), health and social care integration and the funding crisis in social care” this motion was carried, “The LGBT impact of cuts too local government services is now being discussed this was discussed in length at the LGBT conference in November 2017  you can read the report here…

This motion was carried and aims to include the findings from the LGBT research in campaigning against local government cuts and for pay justice, highlight the LGBT impact, Encourage branches to work with community organisations, and remind local government employers that they are responsible for the welfare of members and service users.

This concludes the Local Government Conference hope you find this blog informative and useful. look out for the National Delegate Conference converage coming up tomorrow.


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