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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2019 – Afternoon Session Day 3

This afternoons session began with the final part of the debating on motion Austerity and Public, this motion was carried.

now discussions continue on the following motions

Towards a more inclusive Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Self Organised Group. – Carried – Now LGBT will be know as LGBT+ to become a more inclusive Self Organised Group.





Now Conference business moves on to discussing rule amendments these are as follows,

  • Rule B – Union Democracy – Carried
  • Rule D – Self-Organising Groups – Carried
  • Rule D – Young Members Organisation – Carried
  • Rule C – Obligations of Membership – Carried
  • Rule G – Branches – Lost
  • Rule G – The Branch Committee Lost
  • Rule G – Branch Meetings – Lost
  • Rule G – Branch Officers – Lost
  • Rule G – Stewards – Lost
  • Rule G – Health and Safety Representatives – Lost
  • Rule G – Equality Representative – Lost
  • Schedule B Benefits of Members of Education – Carried
  • Rule G – Branch Meetings – Carried
  • Rule G – The Branch Secretary – Carried
  • Rule G – Branch Officers – Carried
  • Rule G – The Branch Secretary – Debate to continue on Friday Morning

More details of these rule amendments can be found in the following document…



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