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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2023 – Afternoon Session – Day 2

We return to the conference with Composite D – Industrial Action Ballots – there was an in-depth and lenghty debate with those speaking for and against this Composite Motion – following a request for the question to be put to move business along this motion was voted on and lost.

You can read the composite motion in the document below…

The rest of the motions can be read in the following document…

Motion 79 – Taking Effective Action within the Straitjacket of Anti-Laws – this motion was carried

Motion 8 – Harassment – Its Not Part of the Job – this motion was carried as amended 8.1

If you need any support regarding Bullying or Harassment then please click on the image below.

Motion 57 – Make 2024 the Year of the LGBT+ – this motion was carried

If you need any information you can find some useful information by clicking below…

As part of Pride Month please see below key points in history for you to read…

This concludes this afternoons session and we will return for more interesting speeches, rule amendment debates and motions.

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