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National Delegate Conference 2017 Blog – Day 2 – Afternoon Session

Following the collection at the end of the first part of the conference £1608.30 was raised for the Red Cross, where money will be distributed to support the victims of  the terrorist attack in Manchester, London Bridge, Finsbury Park and the Grenfell Tower Tragedy.

This afternoons business has begun and the first motion of discussion was on “Getting the public on our side – public service campaigning” this motion was passed and seeks to

There was also reference for this motion to the #BackYourChampions campaign here are few videos that explain this campaign.

Now that this afternoons motions have been discussed the conference moves on to the remaining order of business, other wise known as “The Snake” which contains motions to be discussed if the main conference business has been discussed.

As a branch we had the opportunity to prioritise motions to move up the snake we have prioritised the following:

40 – Public Service Champions Recruitment Camp
85 – Standing together in LGBT Equality
37 – Housing Associations and Charities that refuse to recognise Trade Unions
50 – Universal Basic Income
36 – Why we need to Build a new Housing Consensus for Affordable and Decent Homes for all

The first motion being discussed from “the snake” is “Challenging Racism and Xenophobia” this discussion provided some emotional accounts of delegates who have faced workplace racism, islamaphobia, and xenophobia. this motion was carried. The following motions can be read in the Conference Document here…

“Race Inequality in the Workplace” was the next motion to be discussed and following on from the previous motions emotive accounts, more speakers gave examples of issues they faced that were not acceptable in the workplace and that this motion seeks to tackle this. this motion was carried.

The motion “Tackling Stress” was discussed that speakers highlighted their own personal stories to show how relevant that this motion is in the current climate and how restructures and lower staffing levels in organisations in the public and private sector have on employees who have to take on additional work pressures and working hours. This motion was carried.

“Dying to Work Campaign” motion I brought to the conference and is being discussed and looks to support Terminally Ill workers inline with those covered by the Pregnancy/Maternity Rights, protect death in service benefits, and allow workers with terminally illness to die in dignity. Emotional personal accounts were given on the importance of discussing this motion. This was carried. special mention went to the “There for you” a charity that can support UNISON Members and more detail and all their support services can be found here:





that concludes the debate for today come back tomorrow to see more updates.

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