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UNISON National Delegate Conference 2022 – Final Session Day 4

This mornings session began with the moving of Standing Orders Committee Report no. Five this was carried with no questions. We now move to the debate on Emergency Motion 6 – NEC Response this motion following debate was carried.

We now hear a video message from Shaka Hislop, Show Racism the Red Card

you can watch more of Shaka’s videos here

We then move onto the further discussions on motions and the first motion is 80 & 80.1 – CEDAW – Essential for Women’s Rights – This Motion was carried as amended and due to this motion 81 & 82 now fall. you can learn more about CEDAW by clicking below…

Motion 83 Challenging Sexism and Misogyny – Protecting Women – this motion was carried

Following this prioritised motion discussion we move to ‘The Snake’ which is a list of motions that are yet to be discussed, any motions that aren’t discussed in conference will be passed to the NEC (National Executive Committee to decide the following motions)

Composite A – Supporting Low Paid Women to be Active in Our Union – Lift as You Rise – was the first Motion to be discussed – this motion was carried

Motion 44 & 44.1 – White Ribbon Campaign – Was Carried – you can see more about this campaign below

Motion 55 – For Safety – End Support for the Nordic Model – there was a debate about this motion with many for and against and after a one – this motion was carried.

You can read more about the pros and cons of the nordic model below.

Motion 8 &8.1 – Complaints – this motion was carried as ammended

Motion 49, 49.1 & 49.2 – COVID Recovery and Rehabilitation – this motion was carried as amended

Motion 24 – Young Workers, Burnout and the Right to Disconnect: The Negative Impact of Remote Digital Work – this motion was carried.

We now hear the NEC Statement and there are also point of orders put against this Statement. This statement will be put in writing and distributed to members. at this point it was obvious that delegates left the room. At this point as you can read below it was decided to leave the conference floor due to the disappointment of the poor NEC response.

We hope you found our blogs useful and informative over the past two conferences Local Government and National Delegate Conference. Look out for further updates in the future.

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