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Special Delegate Conference 2021

Today we attended the first of three days of the National Special Delegate Conference in a very different way, as a virtual conference run by UNISON attended by the branch. this was all done online with voting taking place virtually. and your Delegates all attended and actively participated in this event. 

First we had a welcome from Josie Bird, introducing us to the conference and the order of business and the rules around it.

After this Sian Stockham Vice President welcome Josie Bird to the podium for her to review her years in office and review what has happened over the past two years.

Josie went on to thank UNISON and the two General Secretaries she has worked for and all key members and branches.

Josie then went on to present a tribute to Dave Prentis who left his Role as General Secretary during the pandemic and thanked him for all his years of service to the union.

Then we moved to the debating of the motions the detail of these can be found in the following documents. click on the documents to read more detail.

First up is Motion 72.1 – Supporting our Branches is now being discussed, as amended, and a healthy worthwhile debate this was carried. Our branch supports this motion as amended during this voting process there were some technical issues which were finally ironed out and rectified.

Motion 24 -The Impact of Covid 19 on UNISON Members, Public Services and Working Life this motion was carried as amended 24.2 this motion was discussed with a brief pause during the break of the mornings session.

Motion 67 – Covid 19 and Black Members this was carried as amended 67.1

At this point we then held a one minute silence to honour and remember those that we have lost over the past two years. 

Motion 1 – Growing UNISON, Learning the Good Lessons – this was carried Increasing membership, increases the chance to fight for and change working life for more workers for better times. Read more here..

Josie Bird at this point read out a statement paying tribute to the Grenfell Tower Tragedy we all stand in solidarity, thoughts to those lost and support goes to all those involved

Motion 32 – Covid 19 and Domestic Abuse – a Perfect Storm this motion was carried

Motion 25 – Securing an Equal and Sustainable Post Pandemic Settlement – this motion has begun the debating but it will be deferred to tomorrows session and discussion will be continued tomorrow.

That concludes todays session and our coverage of the Conference, first day has gone well a few voting technical glitches but rectified quickly thanks UNISON see you tomorrow for more updates and information Hope you all have a great evening. Our branch has enjoyed it

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