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Special Delegate Conference 2021 – Day 2

Today we attended the second of three days of the National Special Delegate Conference in a very different way, as a virtual conference run by UNISON attended by the branch. this was all done online with voting taking place virtually. and your Delegates all attended and actively participated in this event. 

First we had a welcome from Josie Bird, introducing us to the conference and the order of business and the rules around it.

Josie went onto introduce Christina McAnea to give her first speech as General Secretary on the virtual conference floor. Thanks all the efforts members and the hard work they have done in response to the pandemic and kept the country going in extreme circumstances.

Extremely powerful words form Christina and a clear direction for the future of and inspirational with exciting things to come.

Then we moved to the debating of the motions the detail of these can be found in the following documents. click on the documents to read more detail.

First up is Motion 25 – Securing an Equal and Sustainable Post Pandemic Settlement now continues from yesterday’s business.

Motion 25 – Securing an Equal and Sustainable Post Pandemic Settlement this was carried as amended 25.3 We need to protect members pay, Terms and conditions. Clapping does not pay the bills – increased wages do! We need to be strong! Solidarity!

Motion 59 – Tackling Climate Change and COP 26 this was carried as amended 59.1

Motion 2 – Facilities and Expectations for Workplace Representatives This motion was carried

Motion 27 – No back to Normal for Disabled Workers – this was carried

A useful guide mentioned by Kathleen can be read here

Motion 55 – The NHS After the Pandemic watch the following video from Michael Rosen explaining the hard work the NHS did for him

Motion 55 – The NHS After the Pandemic – this motion was carried The NHS are now faced with the longest waiting lists – staff are exhausted / suffering with PTSD stress and anxiety! we hear & stand in solidarity

Motion 42 – Health and Social Care Provision for Older People Post Covid – this was carried

Motion 5 – Burned Out: Young Workers and Mentally Healthy Workplaces – this was carried as amended 5.1 Read the No Going Back to Normal Campaign & Mental health Matters Campaign by clicking on the below images.

Motion 12 – Post Covid 19 Syndrome & Disability Employment Protection – carried as amended 12.1 We must do more to protect the employment of our disabled workers facing effects of Covid-19 Long Covid advice

Motion 65 – No Going Backwards on Equality – carried We must continue to challenge discrimination! Equality must be at the heart of everything we do in the Workplace, Local Branches, Regional & National office Equality for all!

Motion 6 – Trade Union recognition for outsourced workers delivering public services – carried Our public service workers wherever they work should be protected, supported and treated Fairly.

That concludes todays session of the Conference Second day has gone well, quite a lot of business got through and inspirational speech from Christina McAnea, & the speakers, see you tomorrow for more updates and the final day Hope you all have a great evening

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